London Spy: Yes!

ben_whishaw6I started this blog so I could keep my friend Alex updated on shows he needed to see on TV because he has a really busy life. And then almost immediately, my life got busy(ish) for the first time in forever.

But now that I’ve started this blog, it must go on! And then I saw London Spy on BBC America (on demand without commercials — crazy civilized) and I felt compelled to share my excitement.

London Spy is the first show since Mr. Robot that I KNOW Alex will flip for. This elegantly shot mini with endless references to Hitchcock films is enchantingly, spine-tinglingly creepy yet touching at the same time. With an amazing cast, intriguing locations, and a compelling plot, it’s like a spy thriller you can’t put down — plus character stuff which is typically missing from this genre. John le Carré novels never grabbed me because nobody I cared about had anything at stake. London Spy turns that on its head and the combination of emotion and slick spycraft is explosive.

And Ben Whishaw above? Never has such a pretty face also been so interesting to watch.



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