My TV Heroes: Characters Who Lift My Mood

Have I mentioned that television is my drug of choice?

Sometimes a character on TV can make me feel as if there really is a point after all. A writer thought of the words, but I give full credit to the actors too for bringing the words alive. I’ve seen what truly gifted actors do with the lines they are given and it’s not trivial.

Here are some portrayals that make me happy.

  • Rayna James, played by Connie Britton on Nashville. Rayna isn’t just a powerhouse legendary country singer, she’s also a great mom, a fantastic mentor, and a sensitive partner to her man of the moment. She’s handled everything from cancelling her own multi-million dollar wedding on the day of, to managing to make her ex-husband feel OK about being in Federal Prison, to taming high strung young singers in seemingly every episode. There is no emotional emergency that Rayna James can’t fix. I would kill to have her in my corner.
  • Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe the Vegan Werewolf on Grimm. Until now, this actor usually played rapists or psycho killers. Thank goodnsilas-weir-mitchell-325ess Grimm came along to cast him in a role where he gets to show his sensitive side. There would be something really comforting about having a guy who could fix your antique watch and then morph into a creature who can rip the throat out of anyone who gets on your nerves. It’s possible Grimm might be running out of steam but I’m still watching so I can spend time with Monroe.
  • Lindsay Jillian by Kether Donohue on You’re the Worst on FXX. Her whiny, helpless dim bulb character could so easily be annoying or pitiful. Instead, she’s like a breath of fresh air. This season’s Halloween episode included one of my favorite scenes of all time, featuring Donohue in a Silence of the Lambs pit, in nothing but her underwear. No spoilers, but if the scene were longer and I were still acting, I would want to use this speech as my audition monologue. Needless to say, I would never be able to match her artistry. Watch this episode (Season 2, ep. 8) even if you have to pay for it. It’s one of the best Halloween episodes of all time. Donohue is big part of that.
  • Amy Schumer, as played by Amy Schumer. Her latest stand up show on HBO, Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, made me laugh in a way I haven’t laughed in years. Schumer says this is some of her best work to date because she’s not trying to play a character. Instead, she’s being herself. And I like her. A lot. Yes, it’s graphic and she uses the “P” word a ton, but I can’t ever remember a woman on television telling the truth like this before. If you have Comcast and can’t afford HBO (like me), call the sales department and remind them how often your TV tiles. Then demand free HBO for 3 months. It works.

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