Gigi Does It — So Must You!

gigis-bucket-listHere’s one of my “emergency” alerts. You must immediately set your device (Tivo, in Alex’s case) to record Gigi Does It on IFC.

This show sounds utterly unwatchable on paper:  A successful character actor, David Krumholtz, best known for NUM3ERS, impersonates his Grandmother, Gigi Rotblum, the terror of Boca.

Maybe it’s because I miss my own grandmother but I love this show so much it hurts. Sometimes, I feel as if I am hallucinating it. That’s how close it is to my heart.

Because just listening to a 76-year-old Jewish woman kvetch would only be funny to  me, they take Gigi (i.e., David Krumholtz in drag) out into the real world, Borat-style. The big difference is, you never feel as if the ordinary people are being mocked. You simply get to enjoy watching their reactions to the outrageous things Gigi says and does — in a way I never really did enjoy watching my own Grandmother, who could be pretty mean.

They opted for a mix of actors and real people (wisely) to keep things fresh and have more control.

images-2The other smart thing they did was to avoid turning Gigi into a stereotype. I love that they delve below the shtick to create a person you feel you know. My mother, who probably won’t appreciate my revealing that she has relatives who could play Mahjong with Gigi and match her tile-for-tile, was quick to defend Gigi’s intellect.

When I compared Gigi to a long dead dim Great Aunt my Mom replied: “Oh, Gigi’s not stupid — at all!”, as if Gigi were a distant cousin we had to do seder with every other year, instead of David Krumholz in a rubber prosthetic head.

That’s the mark of good writing, my friends.

Please watch and tell me what you think. Part of me wonders if gentiles (that’s non-Jews to you) will get it at all. The other part of me wonders if I am dreaming and this show doesn’t actually exist.

I await your verdict.


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