I Watched the Emmys So You Didn’t Have To

You’re welcome. It was the 4 hours they predicted it would be so I really did you a solid.

Click here for the final results but I have hit the highlights for you:

Viola Davis’ Harriet Tubman speech. Watch that and try not to cry. I dare you.

Amy Schumer’s show winning Outstanding Variety Sketch series. Yay! Richly deserved. amy-schumer-01-435And in a side note, in spite of the obvious pressure on many ladies’ strapless mermaid-style gowns, there were no malfunctions that I noticed tonight. I was on tenterhooks because I know that double-stick tape and extreme heat don’t mix.

Brava to this hilarious female and her plucky tape.

–Another moment that made me tear up was when Tracy Morgan came on stage, miraculously walking again after the accident that almost took his life. And then proceeded to be alive, walking, and hilarious, making fun of himself quite deftly. CPZdZ5ZVAAAP_Sf

–Yes, they finally acknowledged Jon Hamm’s work in Mad Men (glad they did) but he seemed sort of out of it during his speech so my enjoyment of that moment was marred.

And what’s with all the love for Veep? I do like Julia L-D (who doesn’t?) but I’m not wild about the Brits who don’t know jack about American politics who write her show.

Parks and Recreation, that most authentically American of confections, deserved a final, posthumous reward in Veep’s stead. To my mind, the lack of props for Parks and Rec’s well-crafted plots that had both heart and hilarity was pure snobbery on the part of the academy. Sadder than the death of Lil Sebastian and twice as unnecessary!



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