Cowboys and Muppets

credit ABC

The Muppets are coming back — and they’re going all mockumentary on us this Fall.

If the trailer is anything to go by, this will be a good thing. Watch the trailer here (or on Comcast if you’ve got it):

This photo, which I took from ABC’s website, shows Kermit and his new girlfriend. What can he say? He’s attracted to traif. How long do you think Ms. Piggy is going to permit this new relationship? We all have to tune in to find out.

I am opposed to TV you have to pay for. Television wants to be free, like the air, but when they cancel yet another of my favorite shows on a cliffhanger, and then Netflix is thoughtful enough to pick it up, I then go to someone’s house who has Netflix while they are out of town and watch TV with their cats.

Courtesy A & E
Courtesy A & E

I’m talking about Longmire, back for a 4th season on Netflix after A & E dumped it because the viewers were too old. (Thanks for that A & E — although seriously thanks for the photo, which I cadged from your website.)

From what I can tell from one and a half episodes, this TV Western still has the chops. There are enough twists and great moments to keep me entertained. But that extra ten minutes that Netflix allows and TV with commercials does not….Well, I gotta be honest, they do cause some drag.

When the connection pooped out on me halfway through the second episode of season 4, I bid the cats goodnight and gave up.

You can’t compare a one-hour drama with a half-hour sitcom, but I’m going to anyway. When I lost signal on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt while binge watching, I was BUMMED. They originally shot those for NBC so they cut the fat, if there ever was any. Too late for this advice to Longmire since all ten episodes appear to already be on Netflix, but everyone else take heed! If TV writing gets bloated like feature films (more than 2 hours is too long for a movie. It’s not  Lawrence of Arabia, freaking cut it!), we are going to be unamused.


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