It’s the BEST — “You’re The Worst” is Back

11216253_502067249970726_812659360725671212_nThis is less of a post and more of an alert.

You’re the Worst is back for another season and if their first ep of Season 2 is any indication, this season might be even funnier than their first season (which was very, very, very funny).

The way they describe the show on IMDb makes it sound awful:

“Centers on two toxic, self-destructive people who fall in love and attempt a relationship.”

See what I mean? I would hate that show. The show I’m in love with is a hilarious, sort of realistic, look at what self-involved, hyper-witty people do when no one is watching.

I want to quote every single line from tonight’s episode but most of them are obscene. And yes, I’m probably inclined to like this show because it’s about a publicist and a writer and I’m both of those things.

Also, I’ve become a huge fan of Kether Donohue. I love that her name is Kether. I love that she’s hysterically funny. I love that she has real cleavage made from actual breasts — which is so rare on TV you can count it on one hand.

Just watch the freaking show. If you hate it, I’ll give you your money back.


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