Fall TV — Too Soon

Playing House be Bangin’!

In this new bizarro world, there are End of Summer shows that premiere before we get a real sniff of the Fall Lineup.

If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead, you are probably excited about Fear the Walking Dead. Good for you. I claim to dislike zombies except I got hooked on iZombie — which to be fair to me, is very “Zombie lite.”

Who knew that chick was a Kiwi? How is it that they can do American accents perfectly while poor Ewan McGregor can’t even do Received Pronunciation without sounding like his tongue hurts? If you don’t believe me, go back and watch him trying to play Sir Alec Obi Wan in the films and feel my pain.

But if you’re me (and I am) you can’t wait to check out Documentary Now from Fred Armisen and Bill Hader. Click on the title above and you can actually watch the first ep. now.11899909_720059681457054_4302371655160332594_n

Or wait and watch it on TV like a human being! I hate watching things on a computer and my rant about my Chromecast useless device is a whole other post.

What to Watch This Week

— Binge on Mr. Robot. It will make you paranoid (taping over the camera on your laptop is just the beginning) but you won’t be sorry.

–Ditto HUMANS but alternate it with episodes of Dates, not just because it’s fun to see poor Gemma Chan go from bullied android to bullied lesbian and Moriarty with his shirt off, but because freaking British actors just kill it. No matter how silly or painful the subject matter (or low the production values — “Dates” I’m talking to you), they make it worth your while.


Playing House. I just can’t say it enough. This is one of my favorite shows of all time. It hits me in all my spots. Women being funny. Keegan-Michael Key doing anything. Female friendship. Etc. Their new season started and they are doing a funky thing with on demand and advertising. No, they won’t let you fast forward the commercials but the real commercials mostly consist of “advertorial” performed by the leads with a light touch. Also, the second season of this show so far could be considered a tutorial on how to add a baby to your cast without ruining everything. Or how to be funny and real at the same time. Or how to have women who are attractive but look like actual women on television. I could go on. I won’t.

Tune in next week (or maybe sooner) for more of my sage, TV advice.


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